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  • Tune: Puppy Pups – w/ Patrick Ogida

    Recently recorded some bass parts for a friend’s project, Red Paperboats. Here’s a (very) rough mix: Here’s a clip of the intro/verse line.

  • Hermes - Photo A

    Arduino Project: Hermes

    Speed! Cunning! Moving freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine! Okay, not the kind of language that leaps to mind when we’re talking about Arduino and homemade robots, but I had to choose a cool name for my Arduino-powered vehicle. The Greek gods had awesome names, and of all the gods that I know of, Hermes was the most…movey. Not long after playing around with the parts included in the Osooyoo UNO kit I began to ponder how I could make something that could roam the house and pester my wife and daughter, so naturally motors and wheels became the order of the day. MOTORS & SHIELDS The Arduino team have produced something called a…

  • Let’s play around with Arduino!

    Ardu-what?! It’s Xmas time, and what better time to hole up inside and hack around with a fun “toy” like the Arduino? Tinkering is the name of the game, and this miniscule board affords budding electronics enthusiasts an inexpensive entry into the work of physical computing.