I take pride in being detail-oriented, resourceful, and IT savvy. I enjoy problem-solving, learning and applying new skills, and design thinking. I will analyze, refactor and automate tasks for greater efficiency.

My work history includes data center operations, server building and maintenance, graphic design, and teaching. I write automation tools in Python. I am comfortable working on multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, OSX etc.), and I operate a home lab to sharpen my skills and gain familiarity with new technologies.

I relocated to Japan in 2011 and spent my first years teaching and directing at schools in the Tokyo / Yokohama area. Hungry for new challenges and inspired by my lifelong love of technology, I returned to the IT industry in 2017 – a year marked by accelerated growth in the cloud sector, and a breakthrough period for AI, IoT, and blockchain technologies.

Over 15 years of experience building, networking and maintaining computer systems has added value to every role I have accepted. Additionally, my design skills have enabled me to create digital and printed media, develop learning tools, and design signage, infographics and product labeling for a diverse range of clients.

To my private and former students:

Due to the demanding nature of my work I require at least 1 week’s notice to schedule private or group lessons. If you would like to contact me, please click here.

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